Favorite Cosplayer Vine Compilation


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  • Uploaded on 6 3, 2016 by Leostar529

  • Honestly the cosplayers that I put in this video....they mean the world to me. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Fox (TheAlchemicFox) at Katsucon this year and....I just about died from the excitement. Getting to see her dressed as one of my favorite Attack on Titan characters, Jean, made me want to become a better cosplayer. She was so kind and sincere that I just about cried as well. I (thankfully) wasn't dressed as Sober!Gamzee in an Espeon kigu when I met her, but I was wearing an old Sebastian outfit...I felt so incomplete in just the button up, vest, and pants. Anyway, she was super super sweet and her whole cosplay was on point! I just want to become a little like her in how she's so positive about how her cosplay looks. That confidence radiated off her....I hope she doesn't read this and find it all sappy. I'm not a sappy person usually....She's just one of my biggest role models. And AshSenpai from Vine is amazing!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS COSPLAYS!! I can't say enough sweet things about Ash...and seeing that I've never met him I wanna be careful about what I say. But I can say that his Cosplays take my breath away...they are amazing. And the other's that I had put into the video had an impact into how I viewed cosplay and made me want to become better and strive to learn new techniques. Thank you for watching. This video means so much to me...I can't thank these amazing cosplayers enough. Cosplayers Youtube/Vine Accounts: The Alchemic Fox: -Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlchemicFox -Vine (She's not super active but she has one): https://vine.co/u/982811145532518400 Ash Senpai: -Vine: https://vine.co/u/928936456653787136 Dalfe and Misun: (Those amazing Erwin and Levi Cosplayers) -Dalfe's Vine: https://vine.co/dalfe -Misun's Vine: https://vine.co/u/929738028975525888 Zacharie: -Vine: https://vine.co/u/1008994862756212736

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