My Favorite Vine Compilation (CC)


69,607 - 3,581

  • Uploaded on 11 8, 2016 by Lercci132

  • Edit x2: TURN ON CAPTIONS FOR THE CAPTIONS! Capitalized to make it noticeable cuz people seem to not realize this sometimes. Hopes this helps those of you who wanted captions! For those who like my captions: I'm happy you appreciate them! They took a while to do! Also, sequel to this coming soon. Stay tuned for more ✌🏻 Edit: I've captioned this video for easy viewing! Witty captions sometimes included. Hope this helps everyone enjoy it more readily! Typed all the captions up myself. Original: Holy shit I did not expect this video to get so many views... I made it to allow myself to keep rewatching my favorite vines, and to show it off to a handful of my own friends. I kind of feel bad since it's now like I'm using vine star's comedy genius to gain popularity I wasn't seeking. Almost all of these can be found with a quick google search though, so please support the creators! They've been switching to different platforms, and I know Thomas Sanders has a great YouTube channel, as does DashBeardConfessional, who makes the Space Jam vines. Support their content too! On that note, I'm happy people like this compilation. Y'all have great senses of humor. Enjoy my compilation of vines that fit my sense of humor, haha

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