My Favorite Vine Compilation Continued (CC)


25,039 - 536

  • Uploaded on 1 6, 2017 by Lercci132

  • TURN ON CLOSED CAPTIONING TO SEE CAPTIONS. (Captions are not the captions from the original vines, they are dictations of what's being said/done for the sake of accessibility. Also sass sprinkled here and there). Since my first vine compilation did so well, I took the time to dig out more good ones, and remember even more of my favorites! These are in no way the "leftovers" that didn't make it into the first video - I only choose the highest quality vines. I'm going to take the time to time out the viners for each vine in a comment that I'll pin - YouTube is being rude and won't let me do it in the description... ALL SONG TITLES FROM VINES (THAT I KNOW) ARE IN CAPTIONS! VINERS WILL BE IN A PINNED COMMENT! I hope you all enjoy this one too!!!

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